HOBUT scores with world cup support!

Back of the net! The Qatar World Cup may still be five years away, but work behind the scenes to ensure a great tournament is already progressing.

As millions of fans watch preparations from across the globe, HOBUT expertise is at the heart of the action.

UK industry is heavily involved in work to strive for excellence in the run up to the games and we are proud to be a trusted supplier. A huge ramping up of infrastructure is needed to prepare for the influx of the world’s football fans and the eyes of the media.

To make this happen, Qatar’s main electricity board, Kahramaa, is being supported by many control panel manufacturers, who are using a range of our products.

And in the leisure industry, our key products are underpinning ways to monitor an increase in energy consumption as visitors are set to flood to the games.

It’s exhilarating to think our products can be used in such an iconic event and we are working hard to ensure our work goes as smoothly as possible in a faraway land!

This major project has seen HOBUT awarded a contracts to supply CTs from our UK base – and now they are being used extensively.

Our measuring, protection and class X transformers can be seen being built into new LV and MV installations as the electricity grid infrastructure is expanded, hotels are built and preparations gather speed.

For us this is already an exciting tournament – and not a goal has been scored! Here’s hoping the action on the pitch lives up to expectations – and England can improve on previous years’ experience!


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